Connecting TD-200 to mitsubishi FX2N


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Usually I use S7-200 Siemens with TD-200 Touch display. Now I need to connect the TD-200 with mitsubishi FX2N series. In S7-200 I usually use M (memory) in S7-200 to read the TD-200, how about in FX2N?

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The TD200 was designed to be used with S7-200 and to be programmed with Step7 MicroWin. The messages are contained in the PLC, not the TD200. It is not a multi PLC display, it does not have drivers available for different PLC comm protocols. You may want to take a look at the TD17. It has support for the FX PLC from Mitsubishi. Be aware that it will require one of the ProTool software packages to program.

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I am sorry I made mistake, yes you are right it can not be connected with TD200, I mind with TD17.

I do have the ProTool software, but I still have problem to program the TD17 to the FX2N. Please help me David - URGENT