Connecting to Quantum PLC with Concept 2.5


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I have a problem and need your help. I want to connect to Quantum PLC with Concept 2.5. But when I want to connect via modbus or modbus plus port, Concept gives me some different errors, such as:

" cannot open device Error Id:OL9_1631 "

Do I need a driver or loader? what must I do?

every help would be appreciated.

Regards, Fallahpour
If you are connecting via MBPlus, does the MBPstat utility shows your PC network module as being OK? If it does, then ensure that you have the "16 Bit Applications" option checked ON for the Virtual MBX Driver Configuration. For Modbus serial communications, make sure that you are using the correct, 5 wire cable.

Slawomir Telman - LOK

Each Quantum PLC (and another Modicon PLC) has a number - a standard number is one, but application could be change to another number... Moreover Your a Quantum PLC must has a firmware for Concept 2.5 (each version of Concept have an another firmware for hardware).