Connecting to TSX Premium with Unity Pro


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I can't get unity pro to talk with with my premium plc. I'm using a TSXCUSB485 adapter plugged into the terminal port on the plc. Tried different port settings in the MODBUS driver.

Its a fresh install and I can't renember what the settings were. In the set address page in Unity I have it set to MODBUS01 and address 1. I had 2.4 drivers installed first and updated it to 2.6.

I can't connect with the MODBUS Test screen in the driver manager either. My serial driver state says running and there is only one driver state up.
You must setup your unitelway driver not modbus.

1. plug in your cable in usb.

2. see what com port it uses and enter the com port number in the unitelway driver.

3. check parity and stop bit. dont worry about baud rate as it auto detects.

4. when finished apply settings and ur driver should reset automatically.

5. set ur address in unity to SYS and select unitelway driver. also make sure you are not in simulator mode in unity