Connecting two NT4 workst. without NT4 Servers


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Hanoi Santos Hung

Hi all:

I have a two NT4 Workstation machine system running a different OPC Server each one and I need to monitor all variables from the two PCs. Recently I read in some place that I can use DCOM without using a NT server for security, I remember I must use regedit instead of dcomcnfg for the configuration of DCOM but I dont know which keys I have to modify.

Does anyone have any documentation about this procedure or know how to do it ?

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Once you have both machines on the same network and can ping one from the other. Do the following:
1. Register the DCOM server EXE application on both machines.
2. Then on the client machine, search for the program ID (progID) of the server in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\CLSID\.
3. Verify that the GUID is correct if you know it.
4. Under the _LocalServer32 or LocalServer32 key, change the (default) registry value to the server URL such as
5. Run the client application and it should find the server.
6. If it doesn't, I recommend that you delete every reference to the servers progID from the registry and follow steps 1 through 5 again.
Before doing this, make absolutely sure you know the progID for the server or you may delete something you didn't want to delete.

Harold Ennulat

I just used 2 - 4 NICs in a single PC recently on an NT 4.0 with SP6a installed. The NICs were confiqured with hard IP addresses. I ran Winproxy, a shareware proxy server which was used as a gateway. When you confiqure the (Windproxy) software you tell it which port to use. The
operating system will only use one network connection unless you have such special software as far as I know. However it looks like some other users have different experiences.