Connecting Yokogawa DCS to a PC and network


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We are using a Centum XL DCS supplied by Yokogawa. We wish to connect it to a PC so that the data can be made available over a network. Would welcome ideas if anybody has tried this using methods other than the manufacturers proprietary methods.

DEpends on what is available with your installation of Centrum XL.
Is there a communiacation port such as RS232C or RS422 avaailable in the hardware?Or can you buy one and install?
Secondly, is the protocol support which is available for the communaction port. If the protocol is Modbus RTU slave , then you can easily interface it with any MMI software because almost all support Modbus. Please note DCS manufacturers also provide Modbus support for their serial interface hardware.
I hope this is sufficient for you to start with.
Kamath RL
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Richard Theron - FieldServer


What communications ports does the Yokogawa have?
What protocol does the Yokogawa talk?

Depending on the above answer there might be a couple of solutions.


You could try standard automation , they provide dde servers
for most products.

Or you can get DDE driver developed by some vendor if the protocol is open.

Hi Richard and Avinash:

Yokogawa DCS Centum supports MODBUS protocol with the addition of suitable control card/station. You have to make the PC as MODBUS slave/master and
extract data over RS232 or RS485 based on distance considerations between PC and DCS. The above method is used to effect data transfer between PLC and DCS.

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Peter Burton

You can achieve very high data transfer rates between DCS - PC using a standard Yokogawa package installed on the Operator Station, which makes all process values, and status information availble to a serial port at the operator station. From experience this is the easiest and cheapest method
hi avinash

first up all i want to know whether do you have
yokogawa engineering computer gateway unit with
your centum xl dcs package

if you have this then you can achieve the communication between your dcs and pc .

for achieving this you can use 'c' language

in which bioscom function will enable you to
communicate by setting appropriate communication parameters.

you have to learn the bioscom function thouroughly.

yokogawa's ecgw2 unit (engineering computer gateway unit) is having full its database regarding the process.

by creating program in c you can access the whole data base .

for more information about ecgw you may contact
local yokogawa office.


Yokogawa System has a solution for that.
But additional hardware/software is required.
What Yokogawa can offer is a Supervisory computer which will enable you to extract whatever data you want from your Cetnum XL system. Yokogawa systems can term it as ExA OPC.