Connecting Zelio Smart Relay with Kepware OPC Server


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Waleed El-Badry

I want to create a connection between Zelio Logic Relay and Kepware OPC Server. I read that it supports Modbus, however I failed to get any data to configure it even from Kepware support team.

Did anyone try something alike?

I'm aware that OPC Factory Server (By Schneider Electric) supports it but did anyone manage to use it with Kepware?

This is a quote from the Scheider Electric website:

"Open Connectivity - Systems can be remotely monitored via modem communications. Communications functionality - Zelio Logic offers a Modbus communications interface for easy integration into automation systems"

All help is appreciated.

Waleed El-Badry

Thanks Wassim for your response,

I regret to inform you that the link you posted is reported as not found on Matrikon website, however, I know that Matrikon has a driver for Zelio. It is not a freeware and thus won't be able to use. As I mentioned earlier, either using Kepware Modbus or Uni-Telway Driver or Modbus driver is the available solution in front of us. Otherwise, it would be using any freeware OPC server that does support Zelio.

I know that Zelio supports Uni-telway protocol but don't know how to configure it. Have you done that in anyway?
I would be surprised if you find a freeware server that will do the job. If the one you have is not suitable, you might want to look at Cyberlogic's MBX OPC Server Suite:

It includes a Modbus driver, and supports third-party Modbus-compliant devices. It's not free, but you can download it and use it for free for the first two weeks, after which it reverts to a two-hour demo mode.

Dan Muller
If you need a Modbus and OPCServer converter, check out the FieldServer OPCServer from (a Comprehensive Stand-alone OPC Server linking legacy devices and external networks to OPC).
If you want to use modbus you must buy a modbus expansion unit to plug on the side of the zelio (having said that you also must have a zelio that supports expansion modules).

Also you only have 4 words to work with when using comms with the zelio

Waleed El-Badry

I really would like to thanks all of you for dedicating time to answer my post. I only want to clear few things:

- When I mentioned the OPC server for Zelio, I stressed on using Kepware since we can easily purchase a license for it. The other OPC servers would cost us much more than the amount affordable by our lab.

I talked to their technical support and they affirmed that I have to use a modbus extension to make the module recognized by the OPC server.

Thanks again and have a lovely day.