Connection for Twido RS485 with XBT OT DB9


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what would be the connection/pinouts of the cable which will be used to Connect Twido RS485T which contain 3 Terminal with XBT OT COM2 DB9 which contain 9 Termnials?

Twido RS485 T contain
1) A+
2) B+

XBT OT DB9 COM2 Contain

1) RDA/ Receiving Data (A+)
2) RDB/ Receive Data B(-)
3) SDA/ Send Data A(+)
4) ERA/ Data Terminal Ready A(+)
5) SG/ Signal Ground
6) CSB/ Send Possible B(-)
7) SDB/ Send Data B(-)
8) CSA/ Send Possible A(+)
9) ERB/ Data Terminal Ready B(-)