Connection Issues with 1756-ENBT Ethernet Bridge


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So I have 1756-ENBT/A Ethernet Bridge hooked to a 1756-L62 Controllogix PLC. Said bridge goes to a Hirschmann unmanaged switch, which also has the EZ Marquee LED display hooked to it via Ethernet. The Marquee is a slave on the Ethernet network.

Every time the plc tries to connect to it, it gets the 16#0204 error, which is connection request timed out. I don't understand why this is happening. I can ping and tracert both PLC and display without hassle, meaning my connections are solid. IP addresses are both, and Subnet is the same for both. It can't be the Hirschmann, because I wouldn't be able to ping/tracert both addresses through it. What is going on??

Please Help!