Connection of a DCS to a Plant Information Network


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Perez, Claudio


What opinion do you have about connecting a DCS host to a Plant Information Network?
We have a host processor, an Advanced Process Control Processor, an Optimizer, all conected to a PIN, where there are PCs running office software to read mail, read photos, read audio
files and ....
I am concerned about Host CPU load because traffic network, and security issues.

Some suggestions will be appreciated.


Claudio Perez.
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Robert Dusza


You should separate the DCS system from the PIN. All that extra traffic will create response time problems for the DCS system. We have our SCADA system as a separate network off the WAN here in Manchester. We accomplish this with a CISCO router. Works great. If you need more info contact me directly.


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Ralphsnyder, Grayg

I recommend a PC with a connection to the PIN and another connection to the DCS (i.e. two Network Interface Cards). The PC would act as a gateway for information. An application running on the PC would gather data 'tags' from the DCS, then applications on the PIN could read the tags from the PC. This prevents random/rogue traffic from hitting the DCS. I suggest that you set the tags on the PC to be read only so that someone would not be able to change the value of a tag on the PC which could then influence the DCS.

Grayg Ralphsnyder

Alisson Jose Marques Cia Vale do Rio Doc

We have just specified a control system and we focused on some points about specially the network connecting and we can list some comments:
- the control network shall be separated to the corporate network (we mean the Windows, Office, Mail environment;
- it's important to connect this two environments, taking cake about undesired traffic between both but considering a good connection to
the specific information we want to change between plant and administration levels. Normally "Windows environment" generates a lot of broadcast messages that can increase the traffic on the control network. We can use switches to separate the environments;
- the plant information system has to communicate with the control and advanced control systems. So it's better all this systems be connected to the control network;
- The plant information system is the gate to supply strategic information to the management staff. So it has to be connected to the corporate network but observing the points mentioned before.
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Pierre Ruoccolo

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