Connection of S7 PLCs through Industrial Ethernet long distance by fiber optic

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Farzad Hosseinzadeh

We have a Monitoring System project for five HV substations. In this project monitoring of four substation must be done from one of five substation. Maximum distance between central substation from other substations is 98Km and other distances are 65Km, 28Km and 15Km. Transmission media is single mode fiber optic (OPGW).

We want to use S7 PLCs in each substation and transfer monitoring data to central substation PLC through fiber optic with Industrial Ethernet. We want to use an Industrial Ethernet switch or a RTU modem for transferring data. number of digital inputs of each substation are about 700 DI. What solution you recommend for connection of this five substation PLCs together? or do you have any other solution instead of PLC and Substation Monitoring System (SMS)?

Daniel Chartier

Hello Farzhad;
You can probably develop your com interface with Siemens products. But Siemens has a specialized WAN comm systen for S7 CPUs that goes by the designation SINAUT S7. It adds to the S7 controller family specialized software and harware for substation comms over long distances. Their comm units are called TIMs, and cover the range of telephone modems (dedicated and dial-up), Ethernet WAN modules, and SMS comms. Look at the following link for a basic manual:

Or do a search on SINAUT manuals on the Siemens support website.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier