Connection OMNII COMM and CCM through BAUDMASTER


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I have 6 cats gen sets on place, every 3 gensets connected on one OMNII-COMM as follows CCM>BAUDMASTER>OMNII COMM>CONTROL>SERVER.

My question is, I have 3 new cats gensets the same like those existing and I have to add them on SCADA. I have new OMNII COMM and each gen sets has its own CCM. I have configured the OMNII COMM, BAUDMASTER and COMTROL but I don't know if I have to do anything with CCM, if yes, how?

Pls help if you have come across such situation


Jerry Miille


If you have questions on how to configure your Omnii-Comm modules you should contact our technical support directly. I am certain that we can provide the answers to your questions, even though your questions may not directly affect our equipment. Our technical support people are some of the best around and may be able to help you even though your question is directed to a "CCM" question. Give us a call.

Thanks for using our Omnii-Comm!

Jerry Miille
Dear Jerry,

I am very proud of your free technical services I got from your well qualified engineer (MR. WES). He never be tired of my questions and finally we made it work.

Best regards,