Connection with GE Fanuc Versamax CPUs and Cimplicity


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rajesh kenge

i want to know if i connect ge fanuc's versamax e05 cpu and cimplicity using ethernet which protocol needs to be selected in cimplicity either tcp/ip or egd or srtp or what??

I am confused between egd tcp/ip and srtp.
can somebody tell the difference or atleast send the links where the difference can be understood


rajesh kenge
You can use tcp/ip protocol.

After configure make one tag for testing and check in point control panel. It will shows value of that tag.

If u found any query then contact me for more detail.

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The standard GE Fanuc Ethernet drivers in CIMPLICITY HMI use the application layer protocol SRTP over TCP/IP. If you designate the PLC as an "EGD Producer" instead of a PLC model number (e.g. Series 90-30 CPU), then CIMPLICITY expects to received EGD.

The easiest way to obtain data from the PLC CPU is via SRTP. There's no programming in the PLC and only configuration of the Ethernet port in the PLC. With EGD, you must configure the PLC to "produce" the EGD. Additionally, (at this time) CIMPLICITY is an EGD consumer only; it cannot produce EGD and thus cannot activate any points in the PLC CPU.

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Muhammad Athar

When you are talking about versamax, the easiest way to transfer your data to cimplicity is through STRP/SNP.

Just connect the rs232 wire
select SNP
do some device and port settings in cimplicity and your connection will be established.