Connectivity between GEF PLC and AB Control net


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Shameek Roy

I am going to implement a system consisting of two sets of hot standby GE Fanuc 90-30 processors (CPU 360) with Versamax I/O system where CPU are connected over ethernet lan. Plant scape MMI from Honeywell also connected to this ethnet for complete control and monitoring of the plant. there is also Allen Bradley system with one set of hot stanby processor connected over control net. can u suggest me the best option to connect the two system so that total control and
monitoring of the both system can be done from the plant scape MMI station.
In the above system there is one no. Clarity make video system (model no. WN-6720-SX of Lion series). The purpose of this video screen is to get connected to the MMI stations. kindly suggest what best flexibility of operation point of view can i get from this video system. What is the type of connection/ protocol is used for this graphix system? i have two numbers HP laser 8550 colour printers connected two the system. Can
u tale whether these printers can be connected to the ethnet lan or it will be connected to the individual Pcs.
Can u tell me where the above type of system is running ? if yes, then kindly give me the details of the system operation and operational flexibility.

Richard Theron - FieldServer

Hi Roy

We have recently commissioned a large project in Mexico with multiple GE and AB PLC's in hot standby mode. We used two of our FS-B4010-01 Communication Bridges in a hot standby configuration with a token been passed between each bridge for Master control. Please have a look at for hardware and protocols available and request an application diagram at [email protected]