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Can anyone suggest me how to do connectivity of Honeywell DCS to outside IT field? I have to capture details of HM,APM and HPPM real time to an RTDB/IT system. The existing honeywell DCS TDC3000 which is having its own network & not having anything to communicate outside. In second case Honeywell GUS is there but on its own network. Please suggest me the network Gateway having OPC compliance for communication for both the cases. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sachin

Mark Mullins

I do not know a lot about TDC3000 but PlantScape SCADA has an OPC Server that works well. It may be possible to use a PlantScape as an interface to you TDC3000. Regards, Mark.
Hi Sachin, The honeywell sytem is one of the easiest systems to connect 3rd party communication devices too. As long as you have the right hardware. There are a couple of things I need to know about your system first, to provide you with the best solution. Please email me [email protected] and I will go into more depth. regards, Shaun
In earlier models of Honeywell, you could buy Planet Gateway (if Honeywell still sells it) to link and extract data by any third party IT device. Originally it was called Computer Gateway with lesser connectivity than Planet Gateway. We had used CG for Plant Information system application in 90s. Currently, Honeywell has PHD (Plant History Device) acting as a repository of Honeywell Data as well as third party data with controlled read /writes. PHD and GUS have ethernet connectivity. To my knowledge Honeywell is still working on OPC connctivity but I have not seen or heard any product yet. Sundar
I believe that you can purchase the Honeywell's OPC server option for any of the TPS nodes. The PHD is an option that Honeywell sells for process data historization. OSI's PI is also available. The main issue you will probably face is security concerns between the control LAN and the IT LAN. Dustin Beebe, P.E.
We've done this several times using automationX control servers at Chevron, Petro-Canada and other TDC/TPS sites. Basically we have a performance interface that connects to the SIOP - Serial IO Processor for the PM's. This is a very cost-effective way to get at your data. The automationX servers are extremely powerful, so from there you can go anywhere, including adding more systems, I/O or user interface. We all used to work for Honeywell now use automationX. You can see the product at > Can anyone suggest me how to do connectivity of Honeywell DCS to outside IT field?

Materano, Levyn (VE01)

Install an APP node on you LCN and use TPN Server Software to communicate any system that support OPC Protocol.