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Jaime Cedeno Pozo

Sorry for my horrible English.
I need to communicate a PM171 Series Powermeter of SATEC or a POWERLEADER Electronic Power Meter of GE (two options to spend money!) with a PLC
SIMATIC and the software INTOUCH of Wonderware, for a project in my job.
This is the situation:
I have now the follow:
- PLC Simatic with CPU 315-2DP=20
- Software Step 7 ver 5.0
- Software Intouch ver 7.1.
- An industrial computer
I need the powermeter send and receive information( measurements) to the PLC and to the INTOUCH.
The questions are:

Do I need some additional hardware ( example: a module CP 340), or I can use the serial and/or parallel port of the computer with some interface or connector /adapter to communicate? How I do it?

Wich of the powermeter (SATEC o PLEPM ) is the best option to my purpose?
What do I need to do to communicate it with PLC and/or the INTOUCH?


Jaime Cedeno Pozo

Sasa Vukanovic

Dear Mr. Jaime Cedeno Pozo
Important information in your case is :
Which communication protocol use your powermeter and which kind of port you have on that device?

Do you using peer-to-peer network in that communication link (PC<->PLC) or
you have only RS232 link beetwen PC-PLC?

- If you use some kind of network (SINEC, MODBUS Plus,Profibus etc.) you
may connect your powermeter on that network, over some network adapter for
that Powermeter (maybe powermeter have implemented some network adapter)
-If you use some kind of non-network link (rs232 - 1:1) beetwen PC-PLC,
you may try to use another com port on PC for communication with powermeter.


I have expirience with Modicon PLC's and Modbus protocols and I have
similar problem early. I always try to find instrument and meters with
standard communication protocol. If you haven't exactly protocol which you
need, you must have protocol convertor to your network.

It's small help from me. I have working about 8 years in automation in
industry , but today I working with electronic. If you have some interesting
project, you may contact me .

I living now in Czech Republic, but I am from Yugoslavia.


Sasa Vukanovic

I understand you very well. My English is bad, but I haven't problem in
You can communicate directly to the GE PLEPM (GE Powerleader EPM) via rs485 talking modbus rtu. Get a rs485 gateway or a rs485 card in your PC and multidrop your PLEPMs. Within your PLC you can run a generic modbus server or you can order a server from GE with the device already integrated. From your modbus server you can access your data in your WW 7.1 via DDE or OPC (if OPC is supported in the server). If you use OPC you need to run Wonderware OPC Link. What is the function of the PLC? If the PLC is needed to talk to the PLEPM then you can connect your PLC (talking modbus RTU through a card or module) and then use a communication module (for GE PLCs a CMM card) which will communicate your modbus data to your PC. This will allow you to perform any logic in your PLC related to that device. Usually for a PLEPM we talk directly to it without a PLC in the middle. I would suggest using a EPM3720 or EPM3710 meter; it pretty much supercedes the PLEPM. It has more features (ethernet port), waveforms, internal data logging (I think), and more user customization.

Good Luck

Alastair Fordyce

We have carried out an almost identical task. Our approach has been to connect the PM130E meters via a RS485:RS232 adapter to the PC com port. We use Wonderware Modbus server with Intouch to extract the information from the meter. Selected information is then sent to the PLC by a native driver from Intouch via a second com port.

We did it this way rather than connect the power meter to the PLC and the PLC to the PC because the principal data flows are from the power meter to the Intouch application for logging/ monitoring purposes. The PLC only needs a couple of values from the power meter and the communications links are optimised for the required traffic.

Best regards,

Alastair Fordyce A.IPENZ, REA, NZCE,CQA
Systems Engineer
Bremca Industries Limited
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