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Jiri Baum

Ricky Higginbotham:
> I have a few general questions (as promised ;-) ) if you have a moment.

> 1) How would I go about making additions to the CVS. I'm assuming I need
> some sort of registered account but I'm new to CVS (and Linux).

In general, there are two ways:

1) casual contribution:

- check out the cvs using the "Anonymous CVS Access"
- make changes
- use "cvs -z3 diff -u" to make a patch
- submit the patch to the Patch-tracker, or e-mail it to the person
responsible for that part of the project

One of the regular developers will act as a moderator and put the
changes into the CVS.

2) regular contribution:

- check out the cvs using "Developer Access"
- make changes
- use "cvs -z3 ci" to check them in

For this, you need to have the appropriate authorization. You'll need a
SourceForge account, and Curt or I will have to add you to the project.

Either way, you use the "cvs -z3 upd" command to keep up-to-date with
whatever changes other people are making to the CVS. It'll automatically
merge what you changed and what other people changed.

> 2) What kind of hardware support do you anticipate on having in the near
> future. Both in Remote IO and PC-LPLC wise.

Hmm, basically whatever we can get...

> I'm asking so I will be able to answer other peoples questions about
> redundance/reliability and also make some design decisions.

As far as the logic engines are concerned, there's a global map which just
has points in it (0-32 bits each). Point names are pretty free, it's up to
the user what format they'll be in.

> 3) Is there any place you would like me to put a blurb on what I am
> working on (is project directory the standard) ?

We have a Maintainers file, , you
should probably add yourself to that. Have a look at the entries and send
me one for yourself...

> I'm going to do as detailed design doc as is quickly possible (week or
> two).

Sounds good.

> 4) Are there any step by step instructions on building the LPLC project
> from scratch? where?

Not yet - if you could keep notes as you build it, that'd be good, because
we need them.

To start:
- download the CVS tree
- change to the demo/basic directory
- type "make" and watch the fireworks

Most likely it'll stop at some stage, complaining about this or that missing library or header. Please keep a note of the details (we want it for the System Requirements page in doc/manual), fix whatever the problem was, then go back to demo/basic and type "make" again.

Once it has compiled everything without errors,
- type "make run" - it should come up with a row of four indicators
moving right (press "l" to make them go left, "q" to quit).

> 5) Any particular graphics libraries that would be preferable?

Not particularly - whatever you're comfortable in. (I think somebody was
writing something in Gtk, but apart from that we have little in the way of
graphics as yet.)

BTW, we should probably call it something other than `APT', because that's a trademark.

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