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Allen Clark

I want to be able to control my remote control car at work via the web. It will have a camera mounted on it which will not be hard to incorporate but I am having some trouble figuring out how to control the car. Any comments or suggests will help. -Thanks
This solution would allow your car to be controlled via the internet.
Wire your radio transmitter for the car to a PLC
Then write some code in the PLC to do basic functions like FWD,Rev,Right,Left,Speed.
Then create an HMI with a PC.
Make the PC a WEB Server and connect to it from anywhere you have internet access

Steve Crotty

You might be interested in the following link. Its a web interface to control a robot arm. I didnt create this site, but I helped build some of the hardware involved.


This site uses a VB script in the .asp page to communicate with a DLL file (that was created in VB), which talks to a parallel port (there is 3 of them), which is then connected to a bank of solid state relays.

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Two possibilities:

- Buy/borrow a walkie-talkie with the same frequency band as the car and listen to the signal. Especially with a cheap car, you'll find it's just a small number of tones, and that's all you need to get to the other end.
Expensive cars with proportional stuff will be more difficult, of course, but you can still just record the tones and then play them via the audio out to a walkie talkie (or replace the radio receiver with a mic).

- If it's a cheap car, and the joysticks are simple on-off affairs, you can replace them with relays and control those from the printer port or something. See the "Coffee mini-howto" for information on the printer port, or you can use any kind of "digital I/O" product.

Either way, be careful about radio regulations. Certainly don't try to increase output, and if your neighbours complain of interference it's your problem to fix it. There may be other laws.

Jiri Baum <[email protected]>
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for this simple idea i think you also have to make sure there is a password over that pc otherwise u will find any one can handle your car too

secound i think it is easier to have a program that uses the modem insted of the web
i.e you will call your home via phone then you will connect both computers through a hyperterminal connection this is much better secure and also less in its cost as your home pc don't have to be online 24 hours a day
i think the remaining c++ code is up to you
hope you all the sucess
n.b you can also connect the camera as before but this way i think it is better than via internet
thanks for ur time
best regards