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Fernando Gomes

Hi to all

I've been asked to organize a course (80 hours) at a professional school, to pre-university studants. I work at a specific automation area (energy automation) and want more global opinions about the course outline. What do you think you need that your workers at your company should know? If you consider this message off-topic, please e-mail me directly.

Thanks in advance

Fernando Gomes
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Hurd, David L (GEA, 053698)

I've taught courses in industrial controls at local technical colleges for several years and can offer the following experience. A general course in Automation should include:
A history of automation
- how we got to where we are today.
An emphasis on the safety considerations and regulations imposed on a control system.
A summary of the different types of automation with examples of each
- Process, discrete, batch.
An introduction into numbering systems with emphasis on conversion
- binary, octel, hexadecimal.
An explanation of the types of sensors a system depends on
- discrete and analog, switches, process sensors, manual operators.
An explanation of the types of actuators required to carry out control
- AC and servo motors, hydraulic and pneumatic valves, etc.
An explanation of the types of communications found in automation
- RS232, RS485, Ethernet, proprietary, etc.
An explanation of the types of controllers available in industry
- DCS, PLC, Batch controllers, embedded controllers, etc.
An explanation of the types of programming languages available
- ladder, function block, 1131-3, C, etc.
A summary of the types of Human Machine interfaces
- PB's and Lights, Graphic displays, CRT's, etc.
And an overview of the types of systems that automation is integrated into
- FIS, MES, etc.

Dave Hurd
GE Appliances
Louisville, KY