Control and Instrumentation Maintenance in a Hydro Power Station


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Am looking for examples of technical instructions for control and instrumentation maintenance in a hydro power station set up. I am also looking for places where we can procure the tooling for the same .

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Your requirement is, unfortunately, extremely vague and you should try to clarify.

If you are asking about how different instruments can be calibrated, it depends a lot on what type of instrumentation you have installed. Normally, you should be able to find on the internet the manuals for virtually all the existing instruments (try searching by producer and model number). Also, most of the time this manuals are included in your power plant's documentation.

If you are asking for how often the instrumentation should be checked, this depends again on the type of instrumentation. For example, if I can do that, I prefer to check pressure transmitters and pressure switches during every inspection.

As for tools, again, it depends on the equipment you have. Nobody can tell you, without more information, that you need this and that. Try to be more specific and probably somebody here will be able to give you some information.
Hi Mark

thanks for calibration, i will do a search. For the technical instructions what i have say in one of the stations on instrumentation (pressure sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors power analyzers, voltmeters, etc) my question is for maintenance. is there a rough estimate of how often checks and inspections should be done on them? Then reference instructions on what should be done during the same preventive maintenance. Then i have the PLC's with their HMI's plus scada. What regular maintenance is done in terms of preventive maintenance?