Control Logic Audits


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Process plants, like thermal and combined cycle power generation, employ DCS/PLC systems for automation of tasks, protection of critical & auxiliary equipment and automatic control of process parameters. These systems also include Safety Instrumented Systems like FSSS, Turbine Trip Systems, BMS, etc. The logics in these systems are designed during the engineering stage. There also, a lot of cut-copy-paste activity is resorted to for saving effort and time. During actual commissioning and operations, the latent defects come out and are sorted out through minor/major changes.

However, is there a concept of 'Auditing' these logics - based either on Standards or Good Practices? Such an audit would not only save the plant, equipment and personnel from catastrophic failures which may occur due to latent defects on logic but would also enhance reliability of the automation and protection logic thereby increasing availability and productivity of the plants.

If such agencies exist who can conduct audits, those may please elaborate on this issue.