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C Kline

Anyone have any input on using Panelviews with a Control Logix processor? I know it involves setting up a cross reference for the traditional data type addresses to alias to the Control Logix tag structure. I'm looking for any feedback. Our customer's system has three Panelview 1200's talking on RIO. We haven't been able to get a straight answer on whether or not they can communicate properly to the Control Logix processor.

George Robertson

There are two main methods to do this. One is to set up virtual PLC5 addresses within the contrologix and the Panelview will think it's a 5. (Not sure how to do this with RIO, however.) Anyway, the docs from Rockwell are full of examples of how to do this. What I did, was use Panelviews with the ControlNet option. Then you can access any Processor Scoped (Global) tagname within the Contrologix processor by tagname. It's really nice. Here's some caveats, unless they've been fixed since last fall: You can't read or write booleans. You must copy boolean data into 32 bit integers, and read bits within the integer. (Also note that you can't use the high 16 bits, as the Panelview doesn't recognize DINTs). Don't ask me why you can't read bits in a 16 bit integer with Panelview and Contrologix, but you can't. Second verse: You can't read or write 32 bit integers AS INTEGERS, although as noted above, you can manipulate the low order bits. 16 bit integers can be read and written without ceremony. Floats work fine. No tricks required. When you get started, get with Rockwell Tech support and download or otherwise get them to email you their Contrologix and Panelview examples. They saved me the agony of finding out all of the above by trial and error. If you have specific other questions, feel free to correspond with me directly. [email protected] George G. Robertson, P.E. Manager of Engineering Saulsbury Engineering and Construction
CK, We assume you're talking about a retrofit application re-using the PanelView 1200 "Classic" operator terminals on A-B Remote I/O. This will be about the most straightforward kind of application. The 1756-DHRIO module has two channels which can be configured as Remote I/O scanners, and are compatible with virtually every RIO product ever made, including the Classic PanelView terminals. In RSLogix 5000, the DHRIO channels' I/O image are addressed as tag arrays. Tag arrays may also be sent to the PanelView with MSG instructions, with is analogous to using Block Transfers to sending data blocks to PanelViews on Remote I/O with PLC-5 controllers. The tags look something like this (equivalent to a "Full Rack" emulation of say, Rack 4): PanelView_1200:I:Data.[0] = I:040 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[1] = I:041 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[2] = I:042 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[3] = I:043 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[4] = I:044 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[5] = I:045 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[6] = I:046 PanelView_1200:I:Data.[7] = I:047 Modern PanelView Standard terminals do include support for ControlLogix native tagnames when they are used on ControlNet and Ethernet. If you use DH+, there is a "PLC-5 Emulation Mode", which I don't recommend unless you're doing a DH+ terminal retrofit. ControlLogix tagnames and data types and their equivalency to legacy controllers is outside the scope of an A-list post, but lots of tutorials and classes are available from your A-B dealer. Ken Roach Rockwell Automation Seattle, WA [email protected]

Dave Ferguson

We are using a bunch of PV 1000's talking via RIO to Control Logix for a drives control system on a paper machine. Yes it can be done and is fairly easy. It has been running 24/7 now for 2.5 years. I am not sure what you are looking for, e-mail me off list with particular questions. Dave Ferguson Blandin Paper Company UPM-Kymmene DAVCO Automation

Doug Yatsuhashi

I had great success communicating from the clx to three PV1000s over DeviceNet. Booleans map easily, you need to use BTD to map integers, but if you set up a map in excel, it's straightforward. I'm using the same approach on my next project.