Control MicroLogix 1100 via Java


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I'm looking for any advice/leads on how to develop a Java application that can feed a signal to a locally networked MicroLogix 1100 through it's built in ethernet port (Channel 1). The objective would be to simply toggle a bit on and off.

I have no experience with this but after reading a few posts on this site I found a few ideas, but nothing that lead me to a solution. It seems that this should be simple if I only understood the protocol/message that would need to be sent to the PLC.

For the sake of the example, if necessary, assume the device IP is

Once I determine how to write a Java program to do this, the next step would be to incorporate it into an Android application which could be used to toggle a bit on the MicroLogix. I would develop a small app that toggles a single bit, and use the MicroLogix to close my garage door from my phone - ie. it will be a very simple, custom app. If you know of apps out there that can control the MicroLogix via ethernet, I'd love to know about those, too, since they might lead me down the right path. I haven't found any yet :(

Thanks in advance.