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I would appreciate comments from anyone with experience using Control Microsystems SCADAPack Controller, modems, TelePACE Ladder, ProTalk Voice
Dialout Alarm Reporter and National Instruments Lookout Server.

This equipment is under review for remote monitoring of a landfill site.



Robert Dusza


We have been using the SCADAPack PLCs for about 4 years now and have not had any problems. The units are out in the New England weather in NEMA 4X boxes with a UPS. We have 6 of these in operation. We use radio telemetry to poll the sites. Works great.


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I have used the ScadaPacks for several years. They are very reliable and flexible. Ladders is structured somewhat like modicon programming language, with several function blocks specific to SCADA.

I have used the ScadaPacks with Trihedral Engineerings VTS HMI. I can put you in contact with some other customers of mine who have used the SP w/ Lookout. Just reply to my email.
We are System Integrators and have used SCADAPacks for a number of projects. We find them easy to use and a good candidate for the high and low ambient temperature ranges we see in the variety of projects we work on. Like most
RTU's, they have some limitations but they are an excellent fit for many applications.
I like the fact that the CM SCADAPacks have 3 serial ports. They have plenty of I/O points in the standard base unit. The problem is price. Way overpriced. The MicroLogix 1100 from AB has about the same I/O for half the price. The other advantage to Allen Bradley is that there are a lot more people familiar with the equipment.

Im not knocking CM. I still use their PLCs from time to time. The problem from a customers standpoint is that the name is not well known and very few integrators are familiar with the product. You will never have that problem with AB.