Control multilin 369 from prosoft mvi56-mcm module with controllogix


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Has anyone implemented control of multilin 369 via modbus prosoft mvi56-mcm module with contrologix? what are the commands required in the master command list? any sample code?

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We've helped numerous customers in setting up the GE Multilin with our MCM modules. I suggest starting with our sample code, which can be obtained from

The 369 supports the following function codes:
• 03 - Read Setpoints and Actual Values
• 04 - Read Setpoints and Actual Values
• 05 - Execute Operation
• 06 - Store Single Setpoint
• 07 - Read Device Status
• 08 - Loopback Test
• 16 - Store Multiple Setpoints

Commands in the command list are for commands that continually poll your slave devices. A value of 0 in MCM.P1Cmd[0].Enable disables that command; a 1 enables the command; a 2, which is only valid for write write function codes (6, 16), is a conditional write.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support department.

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