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Hi Team,

I am trying to improve the our plant control system network architecture. I appreciate if someone can share other plant architecture which can give me idea how it should look like.

I also request please send me some industrial standard which can help to build this drawing.

I need to know how I can represent the different network in the drawing. Like Server Client Network, Control Network, CCTV Network, VMware Network, KVM network, Modbus network. How I can show the FO/Ethernet/Datacable/Communication Cable on the drawing so people can understand?

I appreciate if some one can help me in this.
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I would check out the CPwE by Cisco/Rockwell. Should give you an idea of various aspects of a plant network to consider. There are other documents on the same topic, google CPwE and enjoy!

How big is your plant? What kinda of industry are you in?

Also, check out TIA standards and BICSI. That will govern how the installation should 'look', define pathways, media type, and installation standards and workmanship.

Let me know if you would like to know more.