Control of ABB ACS800 drives


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I have a very simple speed control application for this drive. But the client wants start/stop control locally and remotely, at the same time. Can this drive be configured in this way?
An ACS-800 is a very capable drive. If your application is very simple as you say, it may be overkill. I know there are certain horsepower ranges where ABB doesn't have a whole lot else, though.

As far as simultaneous local and remote start stop, are you saying your customer wants the remote to be through a fieldbus or pushbuttons? If pushbuttons you can combine the local and remote starts and stops in wiring (with some relays if necessary) and connect a single run signal to the drive control terminals. There is even space in floor-mount cabinet style 800's to mount the relays internally, and the local buttons can be mounted on the door.

If by "remote" your customer is referring to fieldbus control (Profibus, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, etc.) You can configure two control locations called "EXT1" and "EXT2" to describe two sources of control as well as a means of selecting between EXT1 and EXT2 (digital input, etc). You can also have Local/Remote control as in most drives, where the user can assert control from the keypad (local) and ignore the remote control signal, whether hardwired or from a fieldbus. There is still a "DIIL" (digital input interlock) that must be made or jumpered for the drive to run, even from the keypad.