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HELLO, i need to control two servos, just forwards and backwards on each servo, i need this doing from a pc, i have a very modern pc and a medium sized budget any help on this would be greatly appreciated thanks.

ps: if at all possible could you email me your replies
Check out this site:


and follow the Multi-Axis control link. AML offers a PCI SERCOS (fiber-optic) controller for 2 - 32 axes, that runs under WinNT.

From personal experience, the application works fairly well for up to 29 axes, much better for
fewer than 8.

The AML Motion language is an object-oriented motion control language capable of co-ordinating
multiple axes using virtual gear trains and calculated profiles.

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James Ingraham

If all you need is forwards and backwards, why do you need servos? There are numerous motion control boards that will do this fo you (these days I'm recommending Douloi at "": , but they are reasonably expensive. If you have your choice of servo, get one that can run without a motion control board in positional or velocity mode. Examples; Indramat Ecodrive, A-B Ultra 5000, Animatics SmartMotor.

> ps: if at all possible could you email me your replies

Sorry; you didn't include you e-mail address.

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