Control Programming of Bailey DCS


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I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am trying to find out wether the Bailey infi90 system has anything like an AM from honeywells system to code advanced control functions......any comments would be a great help..
I don't know much about Honeywell's system, so don't really know what "AM" is. However, I've spent several years with the Bailey system. If you want to implement functions outside of the function code library, you have a couple of options. The easiest would be to buy their User Defined Function option. This allow you to make up your own code, load into the MFP and use it like any other function code. The UDF language is a structured text, similar in many respects to FORTRAN. The other way, if UDF isn't sophisticated enough, is to write your code in C language and buy the C utilities program from Bailey. This also requires the Motorola 68000 cross compiler. It's pretty costly, so not really worth it unless your custom code gives you big payback in the process. Kn.
Thanks very much Ken. The user defined block sounds allot like the Honeywell AM - Application Module which you code with structured language (like FORTRAN). Do you have any documentation on the syntax and rules for this block, I have all relevent on Honeywell if you require..... Regards, Nuahs: [email protected]

Iain Johnston

I've used both Honeywell and infi90. Peer to Peer comms in infi90 are so good you don't really need Honeywells version of the AM module (which sits directly on the LCN). Peer to Peer is soo bad on TDC they need a processor on the 'loop' to send tags to different HPM's (MFP's)

And isn't the AM a complete pig to program ? Uses a different version of CL than in the HPM's.