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Arash Aria

I am a graduate engineer in control systems, i would like to have a project based on internet with some new graduated, interested eng who likes to do so, my idea is real-time control but i agree with any good idea also.
thank you
arash aria
Dear arash aria ,
This anantha krishnan. I am working in a leading instruments manufacturing MNC firm. I would like to know U R mail ID , So that I can Keep in touch with UR attempt on that Project.I think I can help U in that Project
My Mail Id is
[email protected]

Elwaleed K. E. Hussien

Dear arash aria
I am an electrical engineer working in programming using VB, VC and with some experience with internet tools. I would like to Keep in touch with your attempt on that Project.

Elwaleed Hussien
[email protected]


Hendra Nugraha

Hi Arash Aria,

I am currently building a BACnet-Web interface using Delta Controls' IntelliView web server.

I work for a building controls company, my daily duties include designing controls system and custom interfacing with different vendors for inter-op projects with BACnet.

My office mail: [email protected] I'd like to hear more about your projects and maybe we can exchange some ideas.

Kind regards
Hendra Nugraha

Mamun Mahmud

Dear, arash aria
I am just now working with this subject as my study project. Can u please inform me about yout task & its current situation.

Hossein Shahrabi Farahani

Hi Arash Aria!
I'm a mechancal engineer. I'm working in a research and enginering design company. I'm professional in Visual C++ and Visual basic. In company which I work internet based control is a research activity. I want to design a system to control a DC motor via internet. I will be very glad if I can help you.

Best Regards
Hossein Shahrabi Farahani
[email protected]

Actually I have made a simple kit using LPT to contol 8 relay as output and 4 input. I used VB6 and vbio.dll to make direct access to LPT, and they are worked.
But I want to access my kit from internet....
any bodey could help me pls?
I have try to use ActiveX control, But it's seem to many problem and It didn't work ...

Pls help me ...


Irfan Fauzy
E-mail: [email protected]

I am doing my thesis on Internet Based Control of Real TIme systems. Currently I am using Java Applet on the Web side, A Java server on the
server side and also VB for interacting with the devices. I later plan to use java JINI instead of the VB part. Currently project almost
finished but I am having proeblem sending data from Java to VB side. I think this had got something to do with the WInsock control bug that
disconnect automatically after receiving data.
Hi all, i'm mechanical engineering last grade still doing my research about teleoperation ... in this case I would like to control application which is electronic small drilling machine via internet with real time monitoring through webcam .... i prefer using webcam monitoring then using virtual realty 'coz ... vr is too high for me ..... any one need my help ... i would be please if i can