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I am trying to develop a scalable control package for specific application. Could anybody recommend a software platform of an open achitecture type to
implement advanced PID control,cascade control, feed-foward control, and customized formula control. Interface with C++ is a must. GUI should be part of the software. Alarm historian should also be part of the software. All developments need to be reusable. Development code need be password protected. I do not know neither ladder logic nor any other low level languages and as a
result programming language for this software need to be either very easy to learn or C.
You recommendations are appreciated.

Coming from the Access Control industry... I have found interesting. They have developed a controller (with a family of
I/O's ant proximity tag readers) which runs on open platform 'tiger' Basic (tiger is a wilkie processing chip). the website has extensive
information on this - if you have any problems or more questions let me know. The use of proximity tags also brings a new slant on control.
you can build applications that make control decisions based on a unique tag ID (the tag can be placed on an assett, person etc.)



Peter Wurmsdobler

I do not know how you perceive "open architecture", but one thing which comes into my mind is to use (The Mathworks)'s Simulink Real Time Workshop (RTW). Given that you have a real time operating system underneath, you can compile a simulink described controller for a RTOS.
There is also a version for this suite to run on RTAI, a real time linux variant. More information one
"": -> Events -> RTLWS-2001 -> Presentations -> "Using MATLAB-Simulink RTW to Build Real Time Control Applications in User Space with RTAI-LXRT"