Control Strategies for Furnaces

Responding to Albert Avidor's query on the subject, I do not profess to be an expert, which I define as... "X" is an unknown quantity, and
a "spurt" is a drip under pressure. Therefore, I can only point you in a direction, so to speak.

Your question does not differentiate between furnaces (fireboxes) used in steam boilers or those used in process fluid heaters, so as a
start I suggest you get a copy of the Nov 1999 issue of Control Engineering. There is a very timely article, titled "Incomplete Combustion", by
David Harrold ( For textbooks and standards search the following:

For specific topics contact the various Controls-related companies such as (deletions are not intentional):

Instrument/Control Companies:
Honeywell; Foxboro; Forney Engineering; Benz; Coen Company; Fisher-Rosemount; ABB-Bailey; ABB-Westinghouse.

Boiler Manufacturers:
ABB Combustion Engineering; Babcock & Cleaver-Brooks; Wilcox.

Large Industrial Users:
Exxon-Mobil; BP-Amoco; Shell-Texaco; DuPont; Union Carbide.

Major Insurers:
Factory-Mutual; HSB Industrial Risk Insurers.

As I stated earlier, my experience is related to safety interlocks (ESD or SIS), not controls. So If you have specific control strategy requirements, do not hesitate to ask the A-List.

Phil Corso, PE
Trip-A-Larm Corp

ps: Don't worry If I have erred in the naming of merged-companies. In a few years there will be just a few to remember, especially when gasoline hits $4-$5/gal.

pps; If you can't get CE article, send me your Fax #.

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Mr Corso,

I need something to learn and I dont know from
which source.

I would like to know where can I find information for installations and control systems for industrial furnaces. Thanks

Albert Avidor