Control strategy for deltav 7.4


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I have developed my control strategy on delta v 7.4 but when I download the program to the controller an error message appears.
" CTLR-0254CE--
ERROR: the node 'DVINST' is insufficiently licensed.if currently is licensed for ' (DeltaV Version 0)'. but the current configuration level is 7!'
To resolve, please assign additional license(s) to the Professional PLus Station 'DVINST' or change the configuration so that the license limit is not exeeded".
how can I solve this problem ???
In DeltaV Explorer/Setup/Licenses you should see your Version 7 license from their just drag and drop onto the ProPlus (DVINST) and then Download the ProPlus.

It is telling you that you do not have a major license installed on the system.