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Toni Kaesbeck


Does anybody have references or contacts for a project to combine electrical
- from a solar panel
- from a wind mill
- from a battery
via measuring
- wind speed and direction
- light intensity
and supplying it in a steady combination to instruments out in the field
without cabled power connection.

Any references and contact of companies doing this kind of job are welcome!
Thanks in advance!

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Toni Kaesbeck

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Paul McGuire

This sounds much like a class assignment from my Mechatronics course at the University of Texas. In that course we used Bond Graphs to analyze just
such mixed mode systems. In bond graphs, one models power, and how it is transformed in a system from rotational to hydraulic to electrical to acoustic etc. modes. Power loss can also be easily included in the model.

Information on Bond Graphs and their analysis can be found on the Internet - search for "bond graph" at Lycos or Hotbot. (I'm also forwarding this note to my professor in that course, Dr. Michael Bryant.)

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Johan Bengtsson

If they supply the same voltage - tie them together with diodes. If the battery really is some kind of accumulator you may skip the
diode for that one and get it charged by the others. If the charging will be to fast you can keep the diode and put in something
controlling the charging in the other direction.

The idea is: the highest voltage wins. The one source strongest at the very moment is the one delivering the energy. If two sources is really close to each other they may share the load in some way. The battery should give somewhat lower voltage than all the other sources in order to not be the winning one until the other can't
handle it anymore.

Please note the voltage drop approx 0.7-1V over the diode (depending on type and load, check the datasheet of the diode).

NOTE: this is valid for all DC sources with the same (approx) voltage if you have AC sources it becomes a LOT trickier.

If this was not the answer to the question you wanted, please repost.

/Johan Bengtsson

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R A Peterson

I suggest you subscribe to one of the solar power or home power newsgroups. There is an enormous amount of information the people there have.

my favorite one is there are several other solar related ngs as well.

steve spence has an extensive website devoted to such things and a huge number of links to other sites.

Robert Scott


Try a company specialising in remote weather monitoring and data collection:
[email protected]

I trust this info will assist you

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