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I have a plant controlled by 2 SLC-5/04 and 3 PanelView 900, exchanging data through DH+ network, with 2 serial printers for alarm register and other some process variables. I intend to improve this report generation, with higher formatting flexibility, including trend graphics and electronic record of historical
data. So, I would like to know from you suggestions / technical opinions for this
technology improvement, considering easy implementation and if exists an intermediary functional solution that is located between a PanelView900 and a supervisory system...all in DH+, with SLC-5/04.
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Claudio Pires.
It would be fairly easy to connect a PC running a proprietary HMI package. I have used GE CIMPLICITY, Rockwell Software RSview, and
Worderware. I don^Òt know if I would label one as better than the other. I can say all packages I mentioned will get the job done. You
also might want to think about just using a PC and writing a Visual Basic app. You can place a DH+ card in your PC and communicate on your
DH+ network or you can use Ethernet. (Doesn't the SLC-5/04 have a build in Ethernet port?) In addition, most HMI packages have the
capabilities to log events and data to a database for trending and reporting. If you have only a small amount of users and low numbers of transaction, to start out you might want to log your data to MS Access. It's fairly easy to set up, can utilize SQL statements, and has some nice graphical report generation tools.

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you can try the new RSView Machine Edition with the 6182 Windows CE based panel computer. It costs about the same as the color PV1000 with the cost of the runtime licence for the software included. The functionality of RSV ME is about the same as RSView 32, and in the future, if you want to add a supervisory workstation, you can do it just exporting the project to RSView Supervisory edition. PV 900 monochrome are obsolete.