Control valve maintenance strategy

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seeking your experience in the field of control valve best practices in term of preventive maintenance for control valve while the valve in operation mode
Check these notes from the web:

Periodically inspect and perform maintenance service to the control valve for the following: Check that there is no air leak from between the diaphragm case and diaphragm. Check that there is no process fluid leak from the bonnet and flanges. Check that the yoke clamp bolt is not loose.

How do you test a control valve?

Low pressure closure test
  1. The test flange must be installed at one side of the valve, one side will be injected with pressure air and the other side will be filled with test liquid.
  2. The valve must be closed fully.
  3. Air pressure must be injected into the valve after that snoop at the inlet point of the valve.

You can search on the web there are many good informations on the subject!

Also one has to check the OEM or O&M manuals for that purpose....

Do you have a OEM name ?