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Muhammad Abbas

We are designing to enrich the BTU of the Low Btu gas with the addition of High BTU gas. The Btu of Low BTU gas is to controlled at variable flow, please give your suggestion for the control and signals.
Since cv is closely related in most cases to sg (specific gravity, I suggest that you take a look at the various manufacturers of specific gravitometers, such as Sarasota and Solartron.

Mohammad Kaleem

While searching for some other topic, I just happened to see your inquiry. I hope my response is not too late. I have a lot a experience in similar projects involving mixing / commingling of low and high BTU gas wells. I have completed couple of major multi-million $ projects requiring active process control depending upon varied pressure, quality and quantity. If you still need info, kindly ket me know, and I'll happy to share my experience with you.