Controller with relays/timers/memory & ethernet


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Ben Flux

I'm looking for a controller that is ethernet based has at least 16 x 12v relays (upgradeable?) and can be controlled via TCP/IP. I need multiple analogue inputs and also timers and the ability to store the input data for access by a pc later - does anyone know if such a device exists?
You can use a Beckhoff CX8090 | Embedded PC for Ethernet and EL2624 | 4-channel relay output terminal 125 V AC/30 V DC as needed.
Look at Honeywell's paperless recorders:

(forum tends to insert spaces making long URLs unusable) or

From your list of requirements, the following are met:
- multiple analog inputs

- 16 relay outputs

- ability to store input data for access by a PC

- ethernet access - HTTP server, FTP historical data, OPC server, Modbus master/slave functions

- weak point - timers; timers are available in math scripting functions

Given that your control functions are entirely undefined, it might or might not fit.


Here's a fairly economical solution from Automation Direct...

Model# D0-06DR-D
20 DC Inputs, 16 Relays Outputs
$239 US

Add Modbus/TCP EtherNet Plug-In Module
Model# H0-ECOM100

Add 8-Channel Analog Input Plug-In Module
16 Bit, 0-20mA
Model# F0-08ADH-1

Hope this helps!