Controllers for multivariable process systems


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Madasar Azam

dear sir
After looking on the web through various sites i can not seem to find many examples for my project. The project title is PROCESS CONTROL WITH MINIMUM CONTROL EFFORT: DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF MCE CONTROLLERS FOR MULTIVARIABLE PROCESS SYSTEMS. I was just wondering if u knew were i could find some examples of controllers showing me how they worked.
Madasar Azam
final year student at the University of Bradford

Daniel Chartier

Hello Madasr;
Have a look at the "": website. This company has developped a Model-free adaptative controller that shows great promise, both for single input annd multivariable scenarios. I don't know if you will find directly on their site information you need, but Dr. Cheng is always willing to sent info and links to interested parties.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier