Controlling a 2 wire LCD interface using PIC Basic Pro Compiler


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Normally, to control a LCD module (4 bit mode) using a MCU such as PIC16F84, it will take up 6 I/O pins. In normal applications, this will leave you with too little I/O pins left.

By using a 74LS174 shift register as shown in, you'll only need 2 I/O pins to control a LCD module.

The author only showed an example program written in assembly language.

Is there anybody out there who knows how to write the program using PIC Basic Pro compiler instead? The PIC Basic Pro Compiler manual only shows you how to control a LCD module if it is connected to 6 I/O pins.

Any help offered will be appreciated very much.
I am also looking for 2-wire lcd driving with pic basic pro compiler, if you have any solution about 2-wire lcd driving, I would be very pleased if you could send me this information (circuit and its code).
Here again Oktay. According to my great study it is not possible to control a 2 wire lcd interface using pic basic. If you only use the available standard lcdout function in pic basic you cannot do this. But if you rearrange the asm code into pic basic it can be achieved.