Controlling a Permanant magnet brushed DC Motors


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Motor Type: DC Brushed Permanant magnet
Motor Voltage: 12 Volts
Maximum Continuous Operating Current: 20 Amps
Power Supply : 10-16 v lead acid battery
Operating environment - Marine
Operating Temperature range: -10 to +50 degrees C
Life Expectancy: 15 years

I require advise on what type of micro controller to use and which one would be best suited for the purpose and why?

The hydraulic pump has to be controlled very accuratly driven as it will be used to move a rudder.

I also need information on what possible drivers can be used for this purpose.

what mechanisms can I implement to automatically control the inrush current.

Your help would be much appreciated.
Thank You
Have you looked at Minarik yet? They manufacture a low voltage PWM drive that can handle 10-32 Vdc input and up to 60 Amps. You can check out the product on their website, they also have manuals and wiring diagrams online. It's in the XP DC series. It's a place to start, good luck.