controlling a stepper motor using DasyLab


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could anybody let me know how i can control a stepper motor using a windos based software like DasyLab and an A/D card like an iotech DaqBook...

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Preston Johnson

Stepper motor control may involve quadrature encoder feedback, indexes, and pulse train generation. Hence the features of the A/D board you will want to work with are counter timers and digital I/O.

Dasylab is a National Instruments owned product. Its big brother is LabVIEW. National Instruments provides data acquisition boards and stepper motor control boards that range in price and are competitively priced with other vendors' offerings.

In most cases, the implementation is easier with a PC motion control board as the driver software is geared to make its counters and digital work easily with stepper motor applications.

I would be happy to discuss your application in greater detail.


Preston Johnson
National Instruments
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Hello Chetan,

i have realized stepper motor controls with both, pc and plc based systems. my experience is, that especially for low-cost apps a windows based control solution (e.g. with labview) is far more costly and extensive than using a simple plc to position the stepper motor. The national instruments solution is very good, but extremely expensive. A plc is a good alternative. also, you might wanna consider using an "intelligent" stepper motor, that has everything (amplifier and positioning control) build in. This could be connected to a PC too. Get back to me if you need some more infos.


Saw your posting and I would be interested in any information you might have on intelligent motor control programmable with LABView. I am working on an application that requires a very small footprint for the controller (for pump motor control) but the user is set on LABView for programming.

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Rick Morgan
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