Controlling a water tower and pump


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Heath Lovell

We are wanting to monitor the water pressure on the city's water tower. We would like to dial in to a computer using PCAnywhere. I don't know what hardware I need to install in the computer or what software to use. Basically, we need to monitor a couple of 4-20mA sensors. I would like to have some options for controling pumps (a couple of dry contacts) down the road once everything works.
I would also be interested in a solutions using AB PLC's (maybe the micrologix) but I didn't know the dial-in capabilities of that unit.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Fred Chwalek

Been there done that using Opto22 hardware at the water tower and in the treatment plant. Configure the hardware with 4-20 in or out modules, digital
in or out, AC or DC. Program to turn pumps on/off, send levels, alarms. Dial-up modems, leased-line, radios, it makes no difference to the Opto hardware because of the serial port options. PC-Anywhere will run on any computer just install it, Win95,98,NT.
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Jerry Miille

Miille Applied Research has slot mounted dial up modems for the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC. They can auto answer as well as dial out depending on your requirements.

Jerry Miille

"options for controling pumps (a couple of dry contacts) down the road once everything works."
Please check out the large multi level switches - for the use of dry contacts at:
Thanks Bob Hogg

You need a pressure transmitter, a small control panel, a controller, communication equipment, a host computer, wiring diagrams, O&M manuals, HMI software, programming software, etc. It's a small project and there are literally thousands
of way to do it, but you DO need to engineer this. I suggest you avail yourself of the services of a systems integration firm in your area. Ask your AB rep for a reference.

Jay Kirsch
You can check B&B electronics, they carry SIXNET industrial modem for dial in communication. Pwer required: 10-30VDC.
We want the same thing to moniter the supply of water in all deirection of city and to moniter the storage in tank. this is what exactly we want
but I dont know the hardware part of it which require as the interface part of it i can do as i am programmer in VC.
the only thing i want to clear is the exact hardware requirement and its type.
Any help is greatly appreciated.