Controlling an AB 1746-NO4V Analog Output Card With RSLogix 500


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I have connected the AB 1746-NO4V Analog Card up. I can get an analog output voltage if I manually configure the output voltage using the Data Table every time, and manipulate the output voltage depending on the resolution.

I cannot set up the logic without errors. I have tried using the MOV commands and others to substitute in values, depending on the inputs.

I looked at using PID, this is not what I need. What commands (and how) should I use???

I want to use three inputs to control the analog out. The voltage is propersly configured at 0-10VDC.

I will take any recommendations to get this fixed.

RS Logix 500 SLC 5/05
AB 1746-NO4V Analog Output Card
Dave you are a bit too vague to accurately tell you whats wrong, but here are a few things to check.
1) The final value moved to the output image file in your program scan will be the one that gets output by the card. Make sure that the value you want is not bieng overwritten later in the scan.
You can check this by adding a debugging line at the very end of your program that compares the value in the output image with what it should be as set a bit if it is not.
2) Double check your addresses in your program.
3) Make sure you are addressing 0-3, not 1-4.
The fault results from a range error on the program, you are going over the 32,000 limit or something. If you download the AB manual, roll it up and toss it in the trash, it will not work.
You must use the BTW or BTR and SCP functions. Email the program to me and I will look at it if you wish.

good luck