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Toto Arbi (TRB)

I am a student and need information about How to Control (PID) a plant by PC? I have some Control valve (input : 4-20 mA) and some Transmitter (output : 4 -20 mA). What device (Brand, type) must I buy with cheapest price to make the plant able to control from PC.

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Andre Perdana

Peter Baillière


We are a company that's specialized in automation.
You need a card that's able to send and receive analog signals... there exist cards that can be plugged into the motherboard or be connected to the centronix

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Peter Baillière
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keith lawson

If I was you I'd us a national instruments device and use LABView as yur control software. Buying the device with the cheapest price is a mistake as what you save in purchase price you will lose in development/maintenance.

You other problem will constructing software to control your system. This is where you save most of your development time. Use a high level language such as LabVIEW and make sure you buy supported IO. Writing your own low-level device drivers will take months.

National instruments have a websit at:
You best bet though is to phone them and discuss what you want to do.

Keith Lawson
Design Engineer

I am interested in this Subject. At present i am working on the DCS System. If i want to control ten digital Inputs, outputs, analog signal and analog outputs i can make use of your suggested system as stadalone.

To plug in the supplied card , do you have separate cards for analog, digital i/o s or a standard input card , which we can set through jumpers or software.

What is the software you are using to interface these cards. How many cards we can plug in to PC.

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Toto Arbi (TRB)

What is the software you are using to interface these cards? especially Mathlab, Lab View, other OCX,DLL etc

How many cards we can plug in to PC.
I need card that have isolated about 10 chanel input output (4-20 mA or 1-5 Volt)

Pls adv me, what type and brand card that I can buy with cheapest price

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Armando Abraham - INGDESI

National have some cards with analog inputs/outputs (and digitals input/outputs
too) and these cards can work with visual Basic (National provides a driver to this purpose). Is very easy make a program for read/write signals from/to these cards making a VBA. Regard