Controlling PLC remotely

Hi Harmanderjit, We used an Ethernet hub to connect three PC's running Citect software to three Allen-Bradley SLC500's running a back up and power share generator system. The PLC's communicated with each other (block transfers) and with the PC's via the Citect Driver. This network enabled control and data gathering. Regards, Chris Rollo

Harmanderjit Singh

Yah, but i am using the omron C200HG PLC. Is there any software to control the plc thorugh LAN?

Sebastien Chouinard

I used the following with a GE 90-30. The PLC was on a network in a remote location. The configuration was simple: A PLC and a computer running NT Server on the same network in the remote location. I would dial in from work onto the remote server PC and run the PLC programming software (LM90 or Versapro) from my desk. The programming software connects to the PLC using the TCP/IP protocol. You can write logic, overide, load and download the logic. Of course, you can connect directly with a modem. I assume you can do the same with a A/B 5 or SLC.