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Roberto Selow

Dear Sir

I am electronic engineer and I am developing an apparel for industrial automation.
It is similar to a plotter. For this apparel I will need a CNC device with the following characteristics:

- Control step by step of the axes X and Y in rectangular coordinates.

- Control step by step of the axe Z in polar coordinates.

That is necessary because the cut knife that will be coupled to the headstock of the plotter should be in a certain angle for each cut. The plotter will cut a sheet, and for the cut to happen is necessary that the knife is always positioned of front to the displacement. I want technical information to that respect, if possible sends them for my e-mail.


Roberto Selow
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Look at, we have done this application using the PMAC Lite for several people. The idea is to keep the cutter normal to the cut path. We have done this for 3-D profiles as well - e.g. abrasive water jet cutting.

You will need to consider a few items when selecting a controller . . . how is the cutting path being defined? X, Y data? G-Codes? HPGL file? . . .this will impact your decision and or how much interface software you will need to write to get from the path definition file to something that the controller can use.

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Ken Brown
Applied Motion Systems, Inc.