controlling speed of 3phase induction motor


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d. p

i am doing a project where i have to control the speed of a 3phase induction motor. i need to model this induction motor which is connected to a variable speed drive. am i forced to use vector space modelling to find the transfer function where i have frequency as input and velocity as output. please i am not at ease with vector space modelling, is there any other way to find the transfer function required, or can anybody help me to model it, or give me a copy of an existing model?
U can do the same by taking open circuit & blocked rotor test.Find parameters of equivalent circuit.find transfer function using matlab & model it with simulink.

Sandip Kadam

Dear Friend,

If you want to control three phase induction motor and want to control its speed and direction (motion) you may use PLC and AC drive for motion control of three phase induction motor. If you want to go through this topic contact me, I can help you because I have done project of chemical mixing plant (motion control of three phase induction motor using PLC and drive).