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I have been assigned a project and its details are as follows:

Controlling 4 stepper motors--unipolar or bipolar using a microcontroller via serial port.

For controlling stepper motor we need a stepper motor driver with braking mechanism.

So could u please suggest a stepper motor driver ic with braking mechanism for controlling a unipolar/bipolar stepper motor.

Jeff LeBlanc

Try looking at the datasheets for the L297 and L298 from sgs-thomson. Braking is controlled by slowing the pulse rate to the stepper.

Try doing a google search for Hombuilt CNC, there are numerouse sites around with stepper control. Also do a search for the PICLIST they use PIC microcontrollers from microchip and have several projects involving steppers.

The above referenced datasheets also contain a circuit for controlling a stepper from a parallel port.

Hello Jeff,

Could you tell me how to slow the pulse rate via a computer program?

Thank you so much,