Controlling Torque on a Brushless DC Motor


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I am currently designing and developing a test bench for a transmission system, and I have a large (100kW) Brushless DC motor available (small budget as well) which I wish to use in generative mode. Would I be able to control the torque applied by this "generator"?

Note: the motor has a controller

Thanks in advance for any input
Brush less dc motor when rotated by a prime mover, it will generate an ac power in its winding. This winding is already connected thru a controlled rectifier unit which is unidirectional. So the power generated when the motor is in generation mode could not be able to flow thru your controller.

If you can analyze the circuit and tap off the ac power before your controller circuit, then you can get the ac out put power without controlled voltage & frequency thus difficult to use. This will behave like permanent magnet generator. Frequency of generated voltage has to be calculated. Voltage output also need to be checked. It is very very difficult to use this power as a a source in out regular electric circuit.

One easy way may be to use it in an inverter /UPS.