ControlLogix and Prosoft and Slave Modbus Communication Problem

I try to control ABB MNS Mlink (It controls M10x modules) motor control module with AB ControlLogix 1756-L71 and Prosoft MVI56E-MCM combination. I send start and stop commands, toggle related start stop bits on ControlLogix program but, Mlink reacts too late or many times does not react.

I send start signal and Mlink (M10x and drawer) starts, then i make start bit 0 and stop bit 1, but mlink does not react, so it stays at start. There is a manual stop button on the driver, i press stop button, it stops but it starts quickly again.

If i can send stop signal, it stops but this time it stays stop whether i send start signal again.

Baudrate of PLC and Mlink are 19200, even parity, 1 stop bits. Data bits 8.

At the rslogix5000 program, should i check some parameters under port2 configuration? I use port2 of profosft module, port1 is disabled at the program.

Anyone can suggest me about this problem?

Note: By the way i connected Mlink to our DCS, it controls Mlink very good.